Smoktech Telescope Magneto Mod

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Inch-for-Inch, Dollar-for-Dollar, this is an awesome mech mod. Easy on the pocket, and an ingenious original switch design, as well. I received the newer version with the adjustable center-pin, Smok/Magneto engravings on the body, and absent the old spider logo on the switch. There are so many incarnations of this mod out there it makes your head spin. Enough can't be said about how smooth the magnetic switch is. Incredible feel, and something that is guaranteed to replace all spring-tensioned Fire switches in the near future. Looks great with a Stainless-Steel Aspire BDC, but with the iClear 30B it looks badass. The threads on The Magneto are solid, maybe with the exception of the center extension-tube. They can be a bit wobbly, but firm up nicely, even when tightened onto an 18650. Haven't tried it with any smaller batteries yet. It will not fit an 18650 and a Kick. However, both the 18350 or 18500/18490 do fit with a Kick. Nice battery vent-holes, great air-flow for the draw. If only the eGo/510 combo cap was standard, this would be amazing. I would recommend using the button-top battery with The Magneto to eliminate the need for excessive tightening, although the flat-top battery does work fine.
Date Added: 01/25/2014 by Geoffrey Chiodi

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