Tips for new Vapers

Possible Side Effects

Majority people have no problems at all or very minor issues and generally adapt well to vaping. However, Vaping can lead to sore throat, slight dizziness, sometime headache or stomach discomfort if used aggressively.This is a signal you should slow up and take it easy. If symptoms persist you should stop using it and consult your doctor to determine if this is suitable for you. In General sore throats or other minor symptoms subside after about a week as your body gets used to it. It is recommended that you drink a lot of water because the vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol tend to dry you out so you'll want to keep yourself hydrated. Quitting smoking and nicotine withdrawal also has an array of similar symptoms so it may be this and not the vaping at all.

Typical Use

While hard when not smoking regular cigarettes anymore, try to start slow taking a few puffs and resting for few minutes. It is not necessary, though many do, for you to deeply inhale to receive nicotine as this is a vapor not smoke and the droplets in the vapor will absorb into the mucus membranes of your mouth and throat and ultimately wind up in your blood stream. Vape as you wish but you can try instead to draw in until you feel it in the back of your throat and quickly exhale. Vaping is a little different then smoking in that you are supposed to draw slowly and softly filling your mouth with the vapor before lightly inhaling.

Where to go for Information

It is recommended that you do some research and compare information with other users. One of the best places to do this is the electronic cigarette forums or ECF for short which contains a wealth of information and other vapers who are all too happy to help you get up to speed.

The Future and Regulation

Watch reports from CASAA about the course of legislation going on around the country trying to implement unfair regulation, impose large taxes and ban sales making it expensive or impossible to be a vaper. If you find you enjoy it as a alternative to smoking then get involved and help this organization to protect our rights as vapers. This is a great time to be a vaper but its possible regulation will take the fun out of it by eliminating flavors and reducing the many different devices available to use and limiting sales. We understand that some regulation will be necessary and sure to come as we are dealing with nicotine a known lethal poison. It's just hopeful that it will be reasonable and fair and in the best interest of the people who choose to vape.