eGo/Vamo Variable Volt/Watt APV V3

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Introducing the eGo/Vamo APV Version 3 (on some sites called Vamo V5, Bamboo etc) this is the latest version of this ever popular mod with 3 body styles, detachable head, upgraded V3 PCB and OLED screen are the biggest improvements compared to the second version.

Since the eGo APV launched, the eGo APV is becoming the most popular advanced personal vaporizer of its kind. We believe it to be equal or better then more advanced mods in many respects because it has the following amazing features:

1. The unit can switch from RMS status to AVG status easily.

Keep pressing either of mini buttons for more than 10sec until LCD screen displays N01 or N02. If you see N01, it means that AVG mode is active. If you see N02, it means RMS mode is active. If you want to switch the status, release the mini button and keep pressing it more than 10sec until the LCD screen displays N02 or N01. You can switch from RMS to AVG easily by repeating pressing the mini button for over 10 seconds.


When the eGo APV works in AVG mode, the result is that it may produce a much stronger power output on the same atomizer than while working in RMS mode. So, It will likely damage your atomizers quickly. For this reason we strongly suggest that you use only RMS mode, RMS status will perform to the satifaction of 99% of the users.

Please do NOT try AVG status if you are not a veteran.

2. The eGo APV has 2 modes for your choice

  • Mode 1: constant voltage. In this model, APV adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments.
  • Mode 2: constant power. In this model, APV adjusts from 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.

The Mode is easily switched by holding down the left mini button & the right mini button together at the same time for 3 seconds.Then adjust volts or watts up or down using these buttons individually.

3. The eGo APV can fit (1)18650, (2)18350, or (1)18350! All of this without changing the end cap!

It has been tested with flat top 18650s and 18350s. Also works with single button top 18650 and 18350s (AW IMR). We believe that the (2) 18350 configuration would require flat tops.

4. The eGo APV can check and display the atomizer's resistance by holding the right mini button for 3 seconds.

5. The eGo APV can check and display the li-ion batteries'voltage by holding the left mini button for 3 seconds.

6. Like Zmax, eGo APV has a 510/eGo threading and can work well on most atomizers with 510/eGo threading including eGo Vision clearomizers V2. Some cartomizers will require the 510 to eGo adapter.

7. The eGo APV has a blue nice OLED display which is so easy to read.

  • Unit:1pc
  • Body Material: Copper
  • Body Color: Chrome/ Black Chrome
  • Size: Length:137mm ; Diameter 22mm
  • Threading:510/eGo
  • Packaging:Gift box

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