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Generic USB Replacement Cable $5.99  $2.50
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Generic USB Replacement Cable

Detail These are generic USB cables which will work for charging iSmoka mini iJust battery, eGrip, eRoll and eLeaf iStick and many other that use a...
Innokin MVP Universal USB Cable $5.99  $2.00
Save: 67% off


Innokin MVP Universal USB Cable

Details This is the universal USB replacement cable designed for MVP. Each USB cable comes with 3 different ports. Specs Brand:Innokin Unit: 1 pc...
iTaste Universal USB Cable $6.99  $2.00
Save: 71% off


iTaste Universal USB Cable

Details Designed for Upgraded iTaste VV/VW battery. It can also charge Joyetech eVic control head, Joyetech eVic easy head, Ismoka iGo control head...
Joyetech USB Replacement Cable $5.99  $3.95
Save: 34% off


Joyetech USB Replacement Cable

Detail Designed for joyetech eVic mod and eRoll. These are available in black color only these will work for eGrip and eLeaf iStick as well
Universal Stretch USB Cable $5.99  $3.60
Save: 40% off


Universal Stretch USB Cable

Detail Designed for pass through batteries and allows for easy uncluttered tethering to your battery. These are available in black color only

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