Kanger SUBOX Mini Kit

    $79.99  $49.95
    Save: 38% off

    Fit and function of the unit is great, The packaging is typical Kanger (as in Very nice) and it comes with an RBA base if you are ready to take the leap to rebuildable atomizers. The ability to charge via USB is awesome so if you are on a budget and cant quite afford a charger for 18650 batteries you will be able to use that for power.

    In the case you are already established and have a dedicated charger then you are fine there as the battery door comes off easily for removing the cells.

    This is a kit that will totally grow with you if you are just starting out with ecigs and if you are already established using them its still a pretty sweet little unit. I just cant say enough about it. In fact the only thing better than the kit is the service I've received from ecigsplus...

    I ended up having both my and my partners tanks fail on the same night and one of our two units broke along with it. I ordered two kits on friday night at maybe 12:00 am Pacific (4 am their time) and it still was in my hands on Monday morning. That is freaking amazing. I have done business with ecigsplus on numerous occasions and really they are the only people we will buy from at this point. 90% of the time they are better priced than the other guys and any time they are not its only a few bucks which I consider well worth it for the customer service these folks give us.

    Seriously I worked in CS for many years and I have never seen folks as responsive and willing to help as these folks. /rant
    Date Added: 11/16/2015 by James Grant



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