Address Book:

If you can't create a new ship to address its probably because you have reached the limit of five shipping addresses per account and will need to remove some of the unwanted or unneeded addresses. You have to log in and go to the menu item 'My Account' then near the middle of the screen that pops up you will see something that says 'view or change entries in my address book' click that and remove/delete any unwanted addresses. You can also add new addresses from this screen too.

Deleting or Adding Items from cart:

Once you have items in your cart, the top left of the screen will indicate this and allow you access to either checkout or view your shopping cart. Click on the 'Shopping Cart' and it will list the items you currently have in your cart. Next to each item will be the symbol of a trash can which you can click to remove items. If you wish to increase the quantity of the items in your cart then you can change the quantity in the box to the left of the items and click the rotating arrows to update the quantity.

Credit Card wont go through:

If your card will not go through it is possible you are not entering the correct billing address, this has to match exactly what is listed on your current credit card statement or it may not work. In addition we are not currently setup to accept credit cards issued by banks from outside the US so these most likely will not work. If you are attempting to use a Visa, MasterCard or Amex gift cards these must be first registered with your billing address and associated information on the website listed on the back of your gift card before they will work on most web sites.

Item quantity automatically adjusts in my cart

If you are adding items to your cart from our store and for example you add four batteries in silver color but you only wind up with one battery in your cart it is most likely due to the store auto adjusting the quantity based on what we actually have in stock. You could choose a different color or item and send us an email and we will be happy to let you know when we will be expecting more of the item in stock. There should also be a message indicating the cart adjusted the quantity but may not be seen on some phones if ordering by phone or tablet.



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