Heatvape Kayfun Mini V2.1 RBA Rebuildable Atomizer Kit - 3ml

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  • Manufactured by: HeatVape

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Heatvape Kayfun Mini V2.1 RBA Rebuildable Atomizer Kit by Heatvape is one of hottest selling atomizer kits on current ecig market. It comes with complete DIY materials including heat coils, special screwdriver, e-liquid bottle and several spare parts for your DIY needs.


  • Size (length x diameter): 85mmx14mm
  • Capacity: 3ml(with the short chamber)/6ml(with the long chamber)
  • Coil: dual coil or single coil (you should build the coil)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Material of the transparent body: Polycarbonate
  • Thread: 510 thread

Kit Contains

  • 1x Kayfun Mini V2.1 Rebuildable Atomizer
  • 1x plastic tube
  • 1x screwdriver
  • 1x decorative ring
  • 1x 10ml empty plastic dropper bottle
  • 1x long cap of the evaporation chamber
  • 3x spare post screw
  • 6x spare O-ring
  • 7x heating wire /wick(5 pcs short and 2 pcs long)


  1. Dual coil or single coil
  2. Constructed from soild stainless steel
  3. Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  4. Integrated Drip tip and 510 Drip tip adaptor
  5. Juice capacity: 3ml
  6. Adjustable airflow
  7. Overflow colletion cap
  8. Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  9. Complete DIY materials


  1. Screw the collector-tank in atomizer base.
  2. Install wick/coil.
  3. Screw evaporation chamber into the atomizer base, then body, cover and mouthpiece in succession.

How to adjust the airflow

For the adjustment of the adjustable airflow, Kayfun-mini comes with a special screwdriver to assist the operation. Using the bottom part of the screwdriver to adjust the directions of screw in the atomizer head ring, you can easily realize different draws.

Note: The kit comes with a spare screw for the airflow valve. Pls keep them in position.

How to fill in e-liquid

Kayfun-mini filling can be done in two ways.

Method 1 (classic):
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece and the top cap
  • Fill in e-liquid along with the inner wall of the atomizer tube (not through the central hole) Do not fill to the top
  • Screw the cap and mouthpiece back
Method 2 (through the valve):

Filling through the valve, you will need a bottle with a thin plastic nose. Nose diameter should be suitable to the filling port.

  • Turn the mouthpiece down
  • Insert the nose of the bottle in the valve opening.
  • Fill the tank by squeezing the bottle. The air will escape from the tank into evaporation chamber through the same grooves.
  • Take out the nose of the bottle from the valve, turn mouthpiece on.

How to convert to 6ml capacity

  • Replace the short chamber with the long one
  • Assemble the plastic tube to the atomizer base and then connect with the steel tube
  • Assemble the rest of the parts and you can get a 6ml capacity atomizer. Done!

Order Tips

The atomizer comes with 510 thread. It's compatible with 510/eGo batteries.

Find comfortable nicotine level.

When you use Kayfun-mini for the first time, try to start from nicotine level twice less than you used to!

Find comfortable strength and duration of the draw.

When using Kayfun-mini, draw should be different from what you got used to with conventional cartomizers and tanks. It has to be smoother and lighter.

Find comfortable power level(voltage, resistance)

Power is the ratio of the square of the voltage to the resistance If you have a 2ohm resistance coil, and the battery produces 3.7volt, then power is equal to 3.7/2=6.85watts.

This product is for advanced users only. There is of risk of damaging your mods, devices, and batteries if it is being used improperly i.e. bad coil builds. Please make sure that you have an excellent understanding and have done research on this type of product before purchasing.

Please note there is no warranty on Coils, Atomizers, Clearomizers, Tanks and Cartomizers please see our warranty policy for more details

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