Rebuildable Atomizers

What is a Rebuildable Atomizer?

Rebuildable atomizers are manufactured much like any other atomizer yet with the ability to be disassembled and allow the coils and wicking material to be replaced with customized coils that are wrapped by the rebuilder. It also allows the rebuilder to chose materials that her or she finds suitable according to taste and vapor production. There are different types of wicks to match any application and various types of wire and sizes to adjust the resistance and ultimately the vapor output.

In this category you will find all that is needed to get started in rebuildable atomizers, from wicking to coil wire to jigs that help you wrap coils just perfect, ohm meters for testing final the resistance and of course the actual RBA atomizer bodies themselves

There are many types of rebuildable atomizers from the dripping type, most popular, where the coil and wick assembly is built and tested by you and then e-liquid is dripped on the wicking material usually from the top of the body or through the assembled body at the drip tip soaking the wicking material. These are generally easy to rebuild and there is a ton of videos to explain how this is done. You must frequently soak the wicking material while using the device to prevent dry hits and burning taste.

The other type would be the tank type rebuildable atomizer in which the steps for setting up the atomizer are very similar but it brings the addition of a storage tank and longer wicks to reach into the e-liquid contained in the tank so it can be drawn up into the atomizer coil. The tank allows you to maintain a more consistent vaping experience without having to constantly drip e-liquid. While this may seem easier these can often be a bit harder to rebuild and are less popular.

The third scenario would be where you buy the rebuilding materials to rebuild coils that were not intended to be rebuilt such as vivi nova coils. You would choose a wick and coil material similar to what is already being used and replicate them.

In all cases care must be taken to ensure that the final resistance of the coil is measured and tested and then matched to work with the mod and battery that you intend to use with it or you can break the mod, overheat the battery or even cause a fire or explosion. If you are familiar with electronics then ohms law should work perfectly for you in determining the correct resistances you can match to your equipment. If you are not electrically minded you should try instead to shoot for high resistances 1.8 ohm and up and avoid subohm builds 0.5 - 1.5ohm ohms until you have a better understanding of how the resistance works with the batteries capacity and drain rating

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