Drip Tips

Whats a Drip Tip?

Drip tips form the mouth piece of most devices such as atomizers, tanks, cartomizers, clearomizers. They can be used for a variety of different devices that accept a 510 drip tip. They allow you to customize the look and feel of the device while vaping. They come in many different types to suit a variety of different purposes. Here you will find a variety of drip tips useful for cartomizers, dct tanks, clearomizers, atomizers and more. Please see the guide below to help you select one that is correct for your application.

  • Plastic: Cheaper cost, light weight, not good for high heat, not as durable
  • Stainless Steel: Higher cost, long durable life and finish is longer lasting, more sanitary
  • Chrome: Beautiful attractive finish, medium cost, finish will not last as long as stainless
  • Ceramic: Medium cost, great for higher heat applications where heat will not transfer to the mouth
  • Aluminum: Lower cost, durable, light weight is the key here
  • Glass: Attractive and delicate, light weight and med cost and more sanitary.
  • Hybrid: Attractive, durable, med weight, higher cost
  • Wood: Low cost, attractive, durable, will not transfer heat but may burn or discolor



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