Nitecore Digi D2 Battery Charger

  • Model: ntcore-D2-chrgr
  • Shipping Weight: 0.725lbs

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The Digi D2 Charger is a universal, automatic smart-charger compatible with almost all types of rechargeable batteries including LiFePO4 thus eliminating the need to own several chargers. The D2 is able to automatically identify Li-ion, Ni-MH, LiFePO4(manually selected) and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries and apply an appropriate charging mode (Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV) and Trickle Charge). Each of the D2?s two microcomputer-controlled charging slots is capable of monitoring and charging batteries independently. It?s as simple as insert, detect, and charge.


  • Capable of charging 2 batteries simultaneously
  • Each of the 2 battery slots monitors and charges independently
  • Automatically identifies Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries
  • Features three charging modes (CC, CV and Trickle Charge)
  • Automatically detects battery status and selects the appropriate voltage and charge mode
  • LED displays charging progress for each battery
  • Automatically stops charging when complete
  • Features reverse polarity protection
  • Designed for optimal heat dissipation
  • Certified by both RoHS and CE
  • Specifications:



    IMR / Li-ion / LiFePO4:
    • 26650, 22650, 18650, 18490, 18350,
    • 17670, 17500, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440

    Ni-MH / Ni-Cd:

    • AA, AAA, AAAA, C
    • AC 100-240V 50 / 60Hz
    • 0.25A(MAX) 8W
    • DC 12V 1A
    • 4.2V ? 1% / 3.7V ? 1% / 1.48V ? 1%
    • 0.5A*2



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