Demon Killer Wire 15' Spool and Cotton

  • Model: demon-killer-wire-16ft-spool
  • Shipping Weight: 0.134lbs

$12.50  $3.99
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Demon Killer Wire premium quality six different types to choose from Alien Wire, Flat Twisted Wire, Fused Clapton Wire, Hive Wire, Mix Twisted Wire, Quad Wire and Tiger Wire. Each comes as a kit in a cylinder containing a spool and cotton.


  • Length: 15ft (about 5m)
  • Material: Kanthal A1
  • Type:
  • Alien wire 0.3*0.8+32GA
  • Flat twisted wire 0.2*0.8*2
  • Fused clapton wire 28GA*2+32GA
  • Hive wire (30GA+30GA)*2
  • Mix twisted wire 0.2*0.8+26GA
  • Quad wire 28GA*4
  • Tiger wire 26GA+0.2*0.8



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