Joyetech C1 Type 'A' Atomizer Head (5pk)

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Joyetech Type "A" Atomizer Head (5pk)

5 Pack of genuine Joyetech Atomizer Heads can be used with eRoll, eCab, eGo-CC and eGo-C (type 'A' atomizer base and body) regardless of the labeling on the package type A will work for all. These are intended as the replacements atomizer heads for the above Starter kits.

Please note that Joyetech has always used the A type atomizer in all eCab kits prior to 2013 they now are using the B type atomizer in the kit and recommend using the B type for eCab now. In our experience both work with little difference but the B type seals a bit tighter minimizing leakage but may also cause some burnt taste until fully primed or have a harder time priming so the choice is yours both will work

Joyetech does not recommend 1.7ohm for the eRoll because of the smaller battery capacity it will reduce time between charges. Also, the 1.7ohm run at a hotter temp heating the atomizer tube hotter where the cigarette is held and may cause you to burn yourself. Joyetech recommends using the 2.4ohm and this is the resistance of the atomizers that come with the eRoll kit.
  • Option 1.7ohm: Low Resistace ones at approx. 1.7 ohms. They burn hotter and produce more vapor but use additional battery power and last less time then normal resistance.
  • Option 2.4ohm: Standard Resistace ones at approx. 2.5 ohms. They they offer better battery life, longer life span, decent vapor and great taste.
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Please note: There is no warranty or exchange on tanks, clearomizers or coils there are exclusions to this policy please review our warranty policy



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